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Peter Yanes, executive director of Asian American relations and engagement at SBC, addresses Asian pastors at the Florida Baptist Convention.

Several recent ministerial meetings reflect the growth of Asian ministries in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) both past and present.

The recent gathering of Asian American ministers gave messengers and church leaders the opportunity to thank for their partnership as a grassroots group, as well as their opportunity to serve the larger cooperative mission of the SBC.

Florida Baptist Convention Hosts First-Ever Asian Pastors’ Gathering

The Florida Baptist Convention held its first ever gathering of Asian pastors on September 23. Over 60 pastors from across the state attended.

Lito Lucas is the coordinator of the state’s Asian church, as well as the pastor of the Philippine International Christian Fellowship in Lakeland, Florida.

Diversity and ministry to different groups of people has been a constant focus for the convention, Lucas said. But there was no specific ministry dedicated to Asian pastors and churches.

He suggested the creation of an Asia-related ministry to the Florida Baptist executive director Tommy green and volunteered to lead the ministry.

Green gave Lucas his blessing to begin serving as the state’s Asian church coordinator, which Lucas has been doing as a volunteer ever since.

“With this initiative, we can say, ‘Hey guys, we’re in the same boat. We’re part of the convention, ”Lucas said.

Lucas is pleased that this new venture is helping to serve the larger purpose of the Florida convention.

“We can work with our churches and our Anglo-Saxon pastors and let them know that we are there for them and that they are there for us, so let’s work together to reach our own respective communities. “

The September gathering of Asian pastors – the first of its kind – focused on the need for Asian pastors and church leaders to network, as well as the need to partner more in the framework of the mission of the SBC, for example by increasing donations to the cooperative. Program.

The rally featured messages from SBC’s executive director of Asian American relations and engagement. Peter Yanes and Green.

Green spoke about the Florida-based initiative Challenge 2025, a ministry strategy for the next four years in the state.

Lucas said the group plans to meet at the state’s annual meeting in November. He hopes these events will mark the start of a growing partnership between Asian ministers of state.

“We look forward to this as an ongoing ministry, not just a one-off situation, and we hope that we can encourage all Asian pastors to be part of the whole convention ministering for the glory of God, ”he said. noted.

The Hmong Baptist Association celebrates its 30th anniversarye anniversary, elects new officers

The National Hmong Baptist Association celebrated its 30e anniversary of the ministry within the SBC at a rally in Princeton, Wisconsin, October 7-9.

Over 300 pastors and messengers attended the event at the Green Lake Conference Center in Princeton, Wisconsin. The event included times of worship, fellowship, ministry workshops and the election of officers.

The Hmong Baptist Association represents 56 SBC churches which represent more than 5,000 members.

Joseph yang acts as president of the association. He said it was difficult to explain how important it was to be able to meet in person again.

“Being together is a whole different environment, and it’s just wonderful to see so many people come together at the same time,” Yang said.

“Being together you can shake hands and talk… and just being together is totally different than looking through a screen. It’s hard to put words to describe this feeling, and it’s so awesome it’s hard to describe.

Yang, who will complete his term as association president this year, explained that the association elects new leaders to serve every two years at the conference.

The conference included messages from a variety of SBC executives, including the Executive Vice President of the International Mission Board (IMB). Todd Lafferty and Leo Endel, executive director of the Wisconsin-Minnesota Baptist Convention.

Additional messages at the conference included an address from Peter Yanes, executive director of Asian American relations and engagement, and a video message from the chairman of the executive committee. Ronnie floyd.

Yang said the conference was not only an opportunity to come together as an association, but a chance to reflect on the mission of fulfilling the Great Commission through the cooperation of the great SBC family.

“It is very important for me to be involved in the convention, and in the past we have felt small, but knowing that we have the SBC, IMB, North American Mission Board and other agencies, we are a big family. Knowing this and knowing that we have the partnership and the backbone of the SBC that supports us, we feel stronger, more loyal and that we can do anything if we just work together.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – Timothy Cockes is an editor at Baptist Press.)


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