Ban on gatherings in Karnataka’s Shivamogga after VD Savarkar, Tipu Sultan Flex Row

A dispute between two groups over the flex installation of Hindutva icon VD Savarkar and 18th century Mysuru ruler Tipu Sultan at the Amir Ahmad circle here, has led to a tense situation in the area, forcing authorities to impose restraining orders in the city, police said Monday.

As part of the 76th Independence Day celebrations, one group had tried to attach Savarkar’s cable to the lighting pole of the high mast of the circle, which the other group objected to and wanted to do. install the Tipu Sultan cable.

Some allegedly tried to replace or damage the cable, police sources said, adding that this led to a tense situation in the area as large numbers of people from both sides gathered there.

The police had to resort to a light lathicharge to bring the situation under control and disperse the crowd. The officials installed the national tricolor where the two groups wanted to install the flex.

The BJP and other Hindu groups staged a protest demanding that they be allowed to install Savarkar’s flex and take action against the other group for insulting their icon.

Authorities deployed additional forces to the area and sought restraining orders under Article 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure throughout the city.

(With PTI inputs)

Sara H. Byrd