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Worried about the escalating unemployment rate and the continuing crisis in the country’s education sector, particularly the ongoing strikes by ASUU, an indigenous information technology company, SkillPaddy, called on the parties stakeholders needed to collaborate with technology experts to help build the future of young Nigerians. in the areas of training.

The company stressed the need for Nigeria to train its young people to meet the required international skills and expertise.

Speaking at the launch of the Youth Skills Program held in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SkillPaddy, Kunle Erinle, invited participating stakeholders from the public and private sectors, especially officials from the Lagos State government as well as leading figures from the IT industry of Nigeria, to show more determination and commitment on how the Nigerian youth could be trained and developed in the field of technology.

Erinle, noted that there are challenges ahead of the country if it fails to expose its youth to international standards in technology.

He said the company, SkillPaddy, started working with young Nigerians after the 2020 global Covid-19 pandemic which negatively impacted the global economy.

Erinle said that with the help of industry experts, the company rolled out courses on the SkillPaddy platform, aiming to bring learners together in a community for a three-month program, supported by several partner organizations.

“Rather than leaving learners alone after training, SkillPaddy will help participants gain hands-on experience and expand their opportunities with their partners and sponsors.”

Erinle added that SkillPaddy not only aims to tackle unemployment in Nigeria, but also to help close the productivity gap, which currently exists in many industries.

He said: “The world is changing very fast. Today, eight of the top 10 companies in the world belong to the technology industry. This translates to 10 million jobs in the digital technology space, of which one million are open in Africa. Do you realize that most of these jobs stay open year after year, because people with the right skills don’t apply or don’t exist? It’s a real challenge for us as a continent, and that’s why SkillPaddy exists.

He added that the platform will officially launch its first batch of courses for high-demand roles in the job market such as graphic design, mobile app development, business analytics, product management, software testing and many more.

“To further assist learners, our partnership now extends to different areas including the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, Honeywell Group, Chocolate City Group and others to help them transition into most industries now focused on technology. Obviously, we are looking for more partnerships and hope to expand our range of courses and experts. »

Also speaking at the event, the Special Advisor for Innovation and Technology to the Governor of Lagos State, Sanwo Olu, Olatunbosun Alake agreed that SkillPaddy’s activity is a catalyst for economic development sustainable and that “the rising talent ecosystem is indeed the foundation of development and the economy”. Excellency”.

He said it’s important that companies like SkillPaddy take responsibility for leading the conversation and creating a pathway for partner engagement for different solutions.

Alake said there should be collaboration between the public and private sectors to build an ecosystem of innovation capabilities. Panelists from different sectors who discussed the need for skills agreed that opportunities exist in various industries that require skilled men and women to seize these opportunities.

Sara H. Byrd