Carnival gatherings perfect for spreading Covid | Letters to the Editor

Covid-19 sits there and listens to the brilliant ideas put on the table regarding Carnival in 2022. Whatever form it takes, large gatherings with the spirit of Carnival and what happens there set the stage for rapid spread of this deadly virus. . In my opinion, we are not doing our war against Covid-19 well.

When we look at our daily deaths (double numbers) and infections per day which number in the hundreds, there is cause for concern. How can we even think of Carnival? It seems that jam and wine are more important than lives put (underground) and families in pain because of the loss of a loved one? We are at a point of over 400 deaths and thousands of infections per month and we are talking about Carnival. Leave me alone.

For your information, we keep talking about a safe zone (fully vaccinated) but people who are fully vaccinated are still infected and even if they don’t end up in the hospital, they have families.

These people, fully vaccinated, will take home jam and wine to a household that may have people, including unvaccinated children. Do the math, so what? Although there are those who do all of this, it is possible to prevent the spread of this contagious viral strain (Omicron) that is found on our shores. There are those who don’t care. It’s a reality. They want money, as Carnival begins.

We cannot say we are concerned about the death rate and infections in Trinidad and Tobago and participate in creating a haven for the virus, putting innocent people at risk. Right now in Trinidad and Tobago, according to published information, we have over 700,000 people who have received a dose or no dose of the vaccine. According to science, this group is not completely vaccinated, etc. Also, according to science, they are at a greater risk of ending up in the hospital. This is not good news.

So when I hear about Carnival in any form, knowing there will be huge gatherings, knowing the Omicron is even more contagious, I’m tempted to ask the question, “Are people okay?” as one of my good friends who died would say when he saw the stupidity being done. I conclude, let’s not see the fire and just walk in it and don’t expect to be burned. Prevention is better than cure, as infections and deaths cannot be reversed. Let’s not present on a silver platter what the virus will gladly welcome.

Arnold Gopeesingh

San Juan

Sara H. Byrd