City of Kingman Economic Development Team Sells Land for Snack Business Distribution in Kingman Industrial Park – The Bee – The Buzz in Bullhead City – Lake Havasu City – Kingman – Arizona – California

KINGMAN, Arizona – The City of Kingman Economic Development Department is thrilled to announce a new local clearinghouse that started this month. In April 2021, the City of Kingman sold approximately 3.6 acres of land to Crosland Barnes Group (CBG) for $170,000, which plans to build a distribution center. CBG would not comment on the identity of the company at the time of this press release. They thanked the Economic Development team for all of their hard work and effort in helping them navigate the process with all government agencies and said, “Thanks to Mr. Bratley, the Town of Kingman and the various departments , this project progressed through the process. with ease.” Permit and plans filed with departmental sites whose distribution company is Frito-Lay. Plans are to construct a 5,276 square foot building that will serve the Kingman market. The plan is to be operational by the 2nd quarter of 2022.

The new project will be built on the site which was officially known as Honor Farm. This facility was opened in the mid-1980s by Mohave County as a detention center to relieve pressure at the Mohave County Jail. Later, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department used it as a rookie testing facility. By 2011, the facility was showing major signs of disrepair. Mohave County terminated the lease soon after, and over the next 10 years the property continued to deteriorate. Economic Development Director Bennett Bratley said: “We realized there were potential sites within the city-owned industrial park, but which would need to be redeveloped to prepare them for possible future sales. If land like this is not prepared for development, the reality is that companies will not be willing to look past these issues and build their business on the sites. The Honor Farm was originally located on three separate plots and the first step was to combine these plots into one usable plot. Next, the team set out to obtain quotes for the removal of buildings and structures. The site consisted of 3 concrete buildings, 2 single wide trailers and lots of dead trees and weeds. A local company won the tender for the demolition and cleanup of the plots started and completed in January 2021. Shortly after, a letter of interest was received from Crosland Barnes Group to purchase the site. The foresight of the Economic Development team enabled the establishment of the PepsiCo, Frito-Lay distribution center in the industrial park. Director of Economic Development Gary Kellogg said, “Our Economic Development team is continually looking for ways to improve the economic well-being and quality of life of the Kingman community. Its positive results, like this project this team works on daily, will continue to make Kingman an area where businesses want to relocate and thrive.

Sara H. Byrd