City: Permits required for large group gatherings at Stage Fort, Wingaersheek | Local News

As people can’t wait to party after a year without festivities, they may need to make a reservation with the city.

Groups of 25 or more who wish to use Stage Fort Park or Wingaersheek Beach for a picnic, family outing, school trip or catered event must make a reservation and obtain a permit, according to city officials. .

The use of Stage Fort Park in particular became an issue when a rally scheduled for Saturday was widely publicized.

Organizers had acquired a group permit for a June 17 picnic for family and friends. They said the event was never intended to be broadcast on social media as a large public event with speeches or rallies, unlike the Freedom Rally, also scheduled for Saturday but in a different part of the park.

The Freedom Rally is organized from noon to 4 p.m. by the Republican City of Gloucester committee, which has obtained the required permits for such an event.

Deputy Director of Public Works Mark Cole explained that organizers planning any event on public property must go through the city’s special events committee by completing an online application on the city’s website,, and awaiting contact from the committee.

The cost of the permit is $ 25 for groups from all schools, YMCAs and summer camps.

Family outings and non-catered events cost $ 75, while catered events cost $ 200.

Commercial outings are available at a cost of $ 250 or $ 400 depending on the season.

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