City Receives Four Proposals for Route 66 Mixed-Use Development; evaluation process begins | Politics

Development features suggested – but not required – by the city include a hotel and residential and office space.

The five-person review committee is made up of representatives from the city council, the Tulsa Planning Office, the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity and the mayor’s office.

Proposals are scored on a 100 point system based on the following standards:

Understands and represents the objectives of the RFP (maximum 30 points).

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Developer qualifications and experience (maximum 30 points).

Financial resources (maximum 30 points).

And complies with the submission requirements (maximum 10 points).

Continental Overseas is the parent company of Jain Hotels, which owns and operates nearly 20 hotels in the Tulsa area. The company also has a development branch.

Hund Capital is a real estate development company founded by Cody Brandt. Brandt grew up in Broken Arrow and worked in Washington, DC, before spending five years in Dallas doing business valuations.

His development work in Tulsa has been primarily in the Pearl District.

Ross Group is a Tulsa-based engineering, development, and construction company that has done extensive work throughout Oklahoma and Texas as well as other parts of the country. He has also been responsible for some of Tulsa’s biggest recent redevelopment projects, including rebuilding the Tulsa Club.

Sara H. Byrd