Clinton-Massie students march to leadership rallies

TOWNSHIP OF ADAMS – The upcoming opportunities for leadership growth among students were the focus of the High School Principal’s update at Clinton-Massie School Board.

National Honor Society members of the high school and student council will attend Columbus Blue Jackets Leadership Day on Jan. 27 to network and grow, principal Aaron Seewer said. For fun, there will be dinner and watch the game in the evening.

Two sophomores, Emily Kau and Evan Hathaway, will travel to Sharonville in early February to attend a West Point Society ethics and leadership seminar. There, they will collaborate with student peers, business leaders and graduates from West Point.

The West Point Society of Greater Cincinnati hosts this annual seminar, providing Academy leadership training to students and faculty in the tri-state area. The seminars started in 2013.

According to the group’s website, “In the long term, we hope this seminar will inspire and develop character leaders throughout the community. “

Seewer said, “They will bring those leadership skills back here. We hope to use this experience in our halls here as well. “

Sophomore Brighton Rodman will attend a three-day HOBY youth leadership conference in June at a college campus in Ohio. HOBY is the abbreviation for Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership. It was founded by American actor Hugh O’Brian in 1958 as a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire a global community of young people and volunteers to a life of leadership, service and service. ‘innovation.

Seewer reported that the high school is in the process of selecting delegates named Buckeye Boys State and Buckeye Girls State and referring them to the American Legion for interviews and sponsorship of this opportunity. Boys State will be held at the University of Miami and Girls State at Mount Union.

“We have a strong tradition of being represented there, and we want to continue that as well, both in Buckeye Boys and Girls State,” Seewer said.

Seewer also noted a few high school teachers who will be presenting to their counterparts at state conferences: music teacher Christin McClain and physical education teacher Dan McSurley. McSurley, who is also the head coach of the Ohio Division IV champion Clinton-Massie Falcons football team, will talk about “Program Culture & Power Run,” while McClain will talk about “Strategies for Making Your Ensemble Musical. an integral part of your school culture “.

High school student and football player Carter Frank received a Consistently Making A Difference (CMAD) award from the school board. Named by college physical education teacher Tammy Mudd, she said of Carter, “I love the way he encourages others, always has a smile on his face, and best of all, always puts others on the map. first. You have a bright future ahead of you; I can’t wait to see you soar outside of Clinton-Massie.

Seewer’s written report to the board shows a recent expense.

“In an effort to minimize educational interruptions and maintain campus security, Halo Vape detectors were purchased and installed in the building’s washrooms. Detectors send silent alarm for vape usage, detection of THC, loud noises / vandalism, etc. », Declared the director.

Clinton-Massie Director of Innovation and Learning David Moss also reported to the board. He said he works on holding a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) camp every summer.

Moss said he would like to provide more training opportunities for community members on how to use technology for their students and for themselves. It is also investigating accreditation and technology accreditation opportunities for students and community members.

Work with a consultant on developing a vision for a gifted program is underway, Moss said. The goal around spring is to bring the education council some ideas on what a CM program might look like, with maybe a few options, he said.

To start the board meeting, there was a minute’s silence for bus driver Patrick “Pat” Ederer, CM bus driver since 2007.

“Even through all the battles he had with cancer, his smile has never left him. He was always positive, always checking others out, ”said the superintendent. Matt Boulanger.

When the school board was organized in 2022, member Jeremy Lamb was reappointed as chair of the school board.

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Clinton-Massie Director of Innovation and Learning David Moss, right, reports to the school board. Sitting from left to right are board members Andy Avery and Phil Harner.

Clinton-Massie High School principal Aaron Seewer updates the board of education.

As members of the Clinton-Massie School Board, they receive, from left to right, board members Jeremy Lamb and Andy Avery, and new member Phil Harner.

Carter Frank, a student-athlete at Clinton-Massie High School, third from left, receives the school board’s Consistently Making A Difference (CMAD) award.

Sara H. Byrd