Covid-19: all New Year gatherings banned in Mumbai, groups of 4+ cannot go out at night | Bombay News

MUMBAI: With Covid cases in the state reaching 1,410 and Mumbai’s tally hitting a nearly six-month high of 673 infections on Friday amid fears of the spread of Omicron, the Maharashtra government has imposed a a ban on gatherings of more than four people (up to 4 allowed) in public places between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., and issued new standards limiting attendance at weddings, social, political and religious functions.
The new rules went into effect Friday midnight.
Meanwhile, BMC has issued an order banning all New Year’s Eve events. It says “no New York celebration programs, gatherings or parties would be permitted in any closed or open space in Mumbai.” The order will be effective on December 25 at midnight.
The government order states that no more than 100 guests will be allowed at weddings held in closed venues. In outdoor venues, the limit has been set at 250 guests or 25% of capacity, whichever is lower. The same rules apply to social, political and religious events.
Functions in closed auditoriums can operate at 50% capacity if seats are fixed and 25% if they are moveable. Outdoor venues will continue at 25% capacity. For sporting events, 25% of a venue’s capacity will be allowed.
Theaters, gymnasiums and hotels will operate at 50% capacity
Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases and the threat of the Omicron variant looming ahead of the festive season, the Maharashtra government on Friday issued new restrictions in the state even as the BMC banned all new year events in mumbai.
The state order placed restrictions on attendance at weddings, social, political and religious functions. Movie theaters, gyms, spas and restaurants will continue to operate at 50% capacity. They were asked to prominently declare their 100% capacity in accordance with the license.
“The sudden increase in Covid cases is cause for concern as an increase was expected from next month. Experts were of the view that steps should be taken to ensure there are no crowds, especially in public spaces, during the festive season,” an official said.
The government order also mentions that Christmas festivities will be regulated in accordance with the state Home Department order on Thursday, capping church attendance at 50% capacity, banning stalls and shops at outside churches and observing social distancing, masking and the use of sanitizers. .
In its previous order on Nov. 27, the state allowed auditoriums, including wedding halls, to operate at 50% capacity and outdoor venues at 25% capacity, without specifying the guest limit. With nearly four lakh weddings expected in the state since November, officials have stressed the need to regulate crowds.
Officials said other restrictions such as requiring full vaccination to access public transport and public places will remain in place.
District disaster management authorities have been given authority to regulate activities not mentioned in the ordinance according to their local circumstances. However, public notice should be given before applying stricter restrictions.

Sara H. Byrd