CWH validates the effectiveness of Airrosti’s remote recovery

Airrosti Remote Recovery patients achieve equivalent results compared to Airrosti patients in the office

San Antonio, Texas, December 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Airrosti, a national provider of high-quality, results-driven healthcare, is pleased to announce that CWH Advisors has validated the digital health option , Airrosti Remote Recovery enabled patients to achieve results equivalent to those of patients in the office.

“We are grateful that CWH Advisors recognizes our commitment to providing the same quality care through our clinical and digital health options,” said Jason Garrett, DC, medical director of Airrosti. “Our licensed and trained practitioners have delivered patient care at the highest level in traditional clinical settings, providing a solid foundation for our successful growth in the virtual space with Airrosti Remote Recovery.”

CWH Advisors, an independent healthcare consulting firm comprised of experienced health economists, data analysts, and business and product experts, found that by comparing ARR to visits In clinical terms, pain improvement, injury resolution, and surgical avoidance were all equivalent or better in care.

“Our patients and staff know how fast and efficient our treatment is, both in person and through our digital offering, and receiving this independent validation further builds the trust our patients, employers and transport partners have in us.” said Dr Chris Cato, Chief Population Health Officer of Airrosti.

The CWH Advisors study confirms Airrosti’s claim that they saw 98.7% patient satisfaction with ARR, versus 99.6% in the office, while tracking 85% resolution of injuries, versus 88% in office. Impressively, the number of visits for resolution of reported injuries averaged four visits through the ARR app, compared to 3.2 in the office (based on patient-reported outcomes).

About the study
To compare Airrosti remote recovery episodes to in-clinic therapy episodes, CWH used a propensity score matching algorithm to create two comparable episodes cohorts. For this observational study, CWH separated the upper and lower body episodes to create two sets of analytical cohorts because these therapeutic constructs are different. Additionally, BMI is a key independent variable for lower body injuries, but does not apply to upper body. The propensity score is based on the instance of injury, pain level, patient age, prior treatment status, gender, and, for the lower body cohort, BMI.

CWH started with a sample of 212,141 in-clinic care episodes and 1,216 remote recovery episodes. To allow for future analysis of the complaints data, we limited this sample to members with complaints, and then compared upper body procedures and lower body procedures separately. The lower body cohort needed BMI data to perform the propensity match and therefore includes an additional step in the conception cascade. Figure 2 shows the process by which we identified a final sample of 462 upper body episodes and 428 lower body episodes. The full study is available in a white paper published by Airrosti, available online at

About Airrosti
Airrosti Rehab Centers (Airrosti) is a national healthcare group that employs and trains Qualified Providers (DPT / DC) who specialize in delivering high quality, results-based musculoskeletal care, both in person and virtually through their digital healthcare solution, Airrosti Remote Recovery. Airrosti Remote Recovery is the only virtual MSK solution supported by a group of vendors with over one million patient outcomes and 17 years of clinical experience. The Company’s strict adherence to quality care standards across its network of providers dramatically reduces costs and patient recovery times, and avoids unnecessary MRIs, pharmaceuticals, and surgeries. Many patients experience significant improvement in pain, range of motion, and return to normal activity, often in just three visits (based on patient-reported results). Airrosti is currently available virtually through Airrosti Remote Recovery in 46 states, including the District of Columbia, and has over 200 physical locations in Texas, Virginia, Ohio, and Washington. To find out more, visit

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