Experts and Department Leaders Highlight the Importance and Effectiveness of Ring Road 3 | national

Member of the Central Committee of the Party, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Party Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, President of the Municipal People’s Committee Phan Van Mai chaired the seminar with the participation of the leaders of the People’s Committees of the provinces where the ring road No. 3 will travel through; leaders of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and representatives of the Economic Commission of the Party Central Committee, experts and scientists.

The seminar focused on discussing the investment need of the project, implementation goals, effectiveness on socio-economy, form of investment, several investment implementation policies of the project and other relevant matters.

A seminar on the Ho Chi Minh City Circular Road No. 3 investment and construction project is held on March 11 (Photo: SGGP)
Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee Phan Van Mai said that the infrastructure connectivity system in general and the transport infrastructure, the ring road system through Ho Chi Minh City in particular, do not ensure synchronism, l effectiveness nor do they meet the requirements and potential for socio-economic development in the countryside. Major transportation projects that would have a ripple effect and promote socio-economic development were not timely invested or operated synchronously.

Partner, Ph.D. Tran Dinh Thien, former director of the Vietnam Economic Institute, member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Group, identified that there is a need to refer the initiatives of Quang Ninh province and the city of Hai Phong on traffic infrastructure investment, creative and revolutionary mechanisms. In addition, Ho Chi Minh City and localities should actively propose changes in the ways of implementing transport infrastructure projects.

Experts and ministry leaders highlight the importance and effectiveness of Ring Road 3 ảnh 2 Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee Phan Van Mai talks with experts during the seminar (Photo: SGGP)

Deputy Minister of Transport Le Dinh Tho said that the project of bypass No. 3 shows the determination of the Party Committees, local authorities. The project site is the most difficult question. The experience of the implementation of the eastern north-south highway shows that localities should quickly establish the site compensation and clearance board to quickly implement the ring road project after the Assembly national will have approved the construction mechanisms.

Speaking at the seminar, the Director General of Investment Supervision and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Tang Ngoc Trang, informed that the State Council of Evaluation carries out proactively the final steps to submit the project to the National Assembly for investment policy approval. The Prime Minister will report to the National Assembly by March 20, and the National Assembly will consider the draft during the next session on May 20.

Experts and ministry leaders highlight the importance and effectiveness of Ring Road 3 ảnh 3 Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee Phan Van Mai

Concluding the seminar, Municipal People’s Committee Chairman Phan Van Mai stressed that delegates agreed with the necessity, purpose and investment efficiency of the No. 3 Circular Road project in Ho Chi Minh City. -City and other key content.

The president suggested that consultants, investors from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Long An provinces continue to receive the recommendations made at the conference and complete the next steps, the implementation process. of the Ring Road No.3 project.

Sara H. Byrd