Flyaway Teepee Drama Won’t Stop Midterm Activities at Fonmon Castle

The mid-term fun will continue at Fonmon Castle this week despite his large teepee being swept away by Storm Eunice. Staff at Vale of Glamorgan Castle struggled to salvage what they could after the oversized teepee, which housed Fonmon’s food offering, was destroyed on Friday.

Nathan Evans, who runs Real Pride of Wales, Fonmon’s catering company, worked around the clock with staff to move catering equipment from the teepee to the castle kitchens in time for mid-term activities.

“Fonmon’s kitchen hadn’t been used as a commercial kitchen for a long time and we had two days to bring it up to standard so that we could open a full restaurant and bar offering in the castle,” he said. “Everyone worked incredibly hard to ensure that mid-term visitors could enjoy food and drink in a fantastic setting.”

With the Fonmon Easter Jousting under threat due to the loss of the teepee, Fonmon Castle owner Nigel Ford has found two aircraft hangars as temporary replacements, ensuring the show will go on. An expanded outdoor food offering is also planned, so visitors can sample street food such as burgers, dirty fries and fried chicken on site.

This week’s mid-term activities kicked off with a ghost hunt on Saturday February 19, and during mid-term week visitors can enjoy the Medieval Village, Dinosaur Park, Ravine Walk, playgrounds and more. Thanks to the rapid introduction of a new catering offer in the castle, they can now also enjoy teas, cakes, drinks and meals at the castle.

The loss of the teepee has accelerated the opening of offerings in the castle, which dates back to Norman times and is filled with historic features. Visitors can now hire Lady Anne’s Room, a beautiful meeting room, for business meetings and other work events, while the library is the new setting for refreshments.

Catherine Taylor, Fonmon Castle Special Projects Manager, said:

“It was devastating to lose the teepee because we had just redecorated it and it looked better than ever – but on the plus side visitors can now enjoy cups of tea, bara brith and food and drinks. Welsh drinks in the beautiful surroundings of the castle.library.We are very proud of our team here at Fomon and everyone has really stepped up to make the most of this situation.We are delighted to be able to provide plenty of entertainment at mid -route and better access to the castle itself.”

Sara H. Byrd