Former Trailblazers kickers and Sharks swimmers prepare for Saturday alumni rallies

GODFREY — A pair of Saturday morning events will draw former Sharks and Trailblazers to Godfrey.

The second annual Summers-Port Sharks swim team alumni reunion kicks off at 8 a.m. and the annual Lewis and Clark Community College women’s soccer game is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. at Glazebrook Park.

A group of SWISA Summers Port Sharks swim team supporters are sponsoring the alumni swim meet.

The alumni meeting is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Summers-Port pool.

The event, which began with the intention of attracting former Sharks, is also open to other swimmers.

“We also opened it up not just to alumni, but to all swimming enthusiasts,” Nielsen said. “Everyone who loves swimming wants all swimming programs to flourish.”

Nielsen said many former Sharks swimmers, including some “oldies,” will participate.

“We have a lot of swimmers who missed out last year this year,” said organizer Lisa Nielsen, “including Christian Aragona, Alex Schenck, all the Roberts (Nick, Rick, Edward and Will), Stabell and many sure, the Barretts.”

Jay Barrett, Joe Barrett and Pat Barrett stood out for the Sharks in the 1960s and 1970s.

“We’re slightly bigger than last year,” Nielsen said. “A little less than 50 swimmers. We had several regrets due to the transfer of children to university, unfortunately.”

The Summers Port swim team is an ongoing summer success. In fact, the Sharks had a 25-year reign as SWISA champions that ended four seasons ago.

Aggregation of participants was limited to club-wide emails, as well as social media posts and word of mouth.

Many former swimmers have helped recruit their former teammates to enroll.

Events scheduled for Saturday’s meet are 100 yard freestyle, 100 medley relay, 200 medley relay, 50 freestyle, 100 individual medley, 100 breaststroke, 50 breaststroke, 25 breaststroke, 100 backstroke, 50 backstroke, 26 backstroke, 50 butterfly, 25 butterfly, 100 freestyle relay, 200 freestyle relay, 25 freestyle and 500 freestyle.

LCCC Alumni Game

The LCCC Women’s Football Alumni scrimmage is scheduled for the Glazebrook artificial turf, leaving the Trailblazers’ grass pitch at Tim Rooney Stadium.

News of the former women’s game spread via social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

Alumni football matches have traditionally served as the unofficial kickoff of the JUCO football season at the LCCC. For the past few years, an old men’s game has also been part of the kick-off event, but the old men’s game has been moved to next spring, according to new head coach John Dunn.

“It was too quick a turnaround to gauge interest,” said Dunn, who replaced Ryan Hodge as the Trailblazers’ men’s coach.

The former women’s match will be the first since the retirement of former coach Tim Rooney, who quit at the end of last season. Four years ago, the LCCC football ground was renamed in Rooney’s honor in a ceremony that took place between the former men’s and women’s matches.

Justin Bernaix is ​​the new female head coach of the Trailblazers.

“We have the game at Glazebrook because I want to fit it into practice,” Bernaix said. “We will have some old-timers and a few more players. It should be fine.”

The LCCC men, who lost a 1-0 exhibition decision Wednesday at McKendree University, will play their second preseason game Aug. 16 at UMSL. The LCCC women’s team will play at McKendree on August 20 and host Lake County Community College in another preseason game on August 26.

The regular season opener for the men’s team is scheduled for August 21 at the LCCC against Illinois Valley. The women’s team will begin its regular season at home on August 30 against John Wood College.

Sara H. Byrd