Giving an oil tanker to Caracas proves the effectiveness of the resistance

Expressing his satisfaction with the delivery of the tanker to Venezuela, the President called the country a friend and a brother, adding: “In a situation where the enemies of Iran and Venezuela are trying to hinder the progress of nations by Iran and Venezuela’s quest for freedom by imposing severe restrictions and sanctions, the delivery to Venezuela of the 113,000 ton tanker built by Iranian engineers and shipbuilding industries is an example of the capability and Iran’s high capacity to export technical and engineering services to the world and to prove the effectiveness of the resistance economy policy.”

“The construction and delivery of the tanker, which has also been approved by the Venezuelan Technical and Engineering Group, in addition to helping the Venezuelan government achieve its goal of independence in maritime transport, shows once again that the will and unity of warriors and revolutionary nations and governments is far stronger and more effective than US sanctions,” Raeisi said.

Raeisi added that two more tankers are under construction and expressed hope that they will soon be ready for delivery to Venezuela.

The Venezuelan President, for his part, thanked Iran for the construction and delivery of the tanker and added that the construction of this modern and solid vessel shows the great capacity and potential of the Iranian industrial sector in the international arena.

“Aframax 2” was built for a period of two years and left Wednesday for Persian Gulf waters for sea trials after undergoing preliminary tests.

It weighs 21,500 tons, is 250 meters long and 44 meters wide, 21 meters high on deck, and can carry 113,000 tons of crude oil equivalent to 750,000 barrels.

The vessel has a 21,000 horsepower propulsion engine and three diesel generators, each capable of producing 900 kilowatts of electricity.

The tanker was handed over to Venezuela on Saturday June 11 in the presence of the Iranian and Venezuelan presidents.


Sara H. Byrd