GymMove integrates monetary benefits into activities of daily living

In this 21st century, technology is changing day by day. The reason is clear, people are focusing more on faster and more convenient building technology, ignoring its cause on their physical well-being. The evolution of technology has made gadgets and machines smart, but made people lazy. From daily household chores to industrial work, all a person needs to do is just touch the gadget or the screen.

But it’s not like people don’t want to stay fit and physically active.

They use various fitness apps available online. These apps claim to solve fitness problems once and for all. But they get less results compared to the number of efforts needed to stay in shape. Some people want to stay in shape but find exercise boring.

While on the one hand technology is making people weaker by doing their work on the movement of a single finger, on the other hand some tech geeks are using technology to make people fit and healthy.

GYMMOVE is a fitness and lifestyle web3 mobile app with built-in NFT and Social-fi gaming elements where you can earn Crypto/NFT rewards just by doing moves like walking, running and cycling. All a person needs to do is swipe an NFT in the form of a smartwatch. Once done, by walking, running, and biking, he will earn in-game cryptocurrency, which can be used for in-game activities or cashed in for profit.

Everyone wants to earn extra money to fulfill their needs and dreams. GYMMOVE finds that earning extra money can be a motivator for most people. This thing encouraged the GYMMOVE team to include the extra money earned from the exercise features as a motivating factor in their application. They believe that Web 3.0 offers a perfect mix of tools such as NFT games, native world currency, community effect, etc., which bring the interesting elements of game-fi, social-fi and rewards into real money. Tying a person’s essential daily activity to Web 3.0 allows them to bring mass adoption to Web 3.0 in the smoothest way.

They also took care of the non-crypto community because they don’t need to understand what NFT or Crypto is. All they need to know is that they need to burn calories at all costs. People tend to become less active when it comes to making exercise a regular part of their lives. But if they get an incentive like real money, they get active and start taking daily exercise seriously. Using real money rewards and engaging gaming/social elements, GYMMOVE helps you get physically active and get in shape. They must own an NFT smartwatch to participate in the game and earn our in-game cryptocurrency – GYM. They can also sell their smartwatch in the in-app market where other gamers can acquire this smartwatch to get a head start in the game.

Technology has evolved by human beings. We need to use this advanced technology to make the community fit, active and strong. We need more projects like GYMMOVE that have come up with amazing and creative ideas that can motivate the community to add daily exercise to their habits.

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