HK limits group gatherings to 2, to close more premises

Type B restaurant staff must be tested for COVID-19 once every seven days or must have completed a COVID-19 vaccination course; staff in type C restaurants must have received their first dose of vaccine, while those in type D restaurants must be fully vaccinated.

The government is also extending group gathering restrictions to private premises – the first time such restrictions have come into force – with no more than two families allowed at a time.

Lam said that in addition to the 17 types of premises already regulated by the Disease Prevention and Control Ordinance, six other types of premises – including religious sites, shopping malls, supermarkets, public markets and hair salons – will be added to the list. after the launch of the “pass vaccine” program on February 24.

The “vaccine pass” scheme will initially allow those who have had at least one vaccine to enter certain public places, including restaurants, public libraries and entertainment establishments.

Restaurants will pilot the program a few days before Feb. 24, Lam added.

The government is also considering changes to the Employment Ordinance, to deal with the increasing number of disputes between employers and employees, as more and more people find themselves stranded in their apartment buildings or must be quarantined after the spike in community infections.

Sara H. Byrd