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Do you feel the earth moving under your feet on Thursday morning? If not, you might still feel the ripple effect of two informal community gatherings that contribute to Kennett’s friendly culture.

The group, Soul Sisters, began about six years ago when a community-minded individual proposed the idea of ​​a book club at Kennett Community Coffee Klatch. It was decided that this group needed its own time to meet, which would be an hour before the Klatch and would be a way to engage in self-development readings.

The books chosen for Soul Sisters relate to a person’s mind and how they engage with the world. Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening has been a favorite for quite some time. A single short chapter is read each week, followed by an hour of rich dialogue inspiring personal, family, and community growth and development. The time spent together has become a moment of mutual sharing and learning.

If we think we need to create a “kinder, sweeter” world, Soul Sisters is where it’s at. Participants continue to grow as friends of the community and have established a base that anyone can join. They understand what it means to share common experiences, to come out of isolation and to give growing compassion for each other and beyond.

The Kennett Community Intergenerational Coffee Klatch Gathering follows from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., which is attended by a broader representation of the community. The intention of this informal gathering is to come together as a diverse intergenerational community to stay actively informed and involved in the Kennett area and to create the experience of belonging.

Individuals will share news of upcoming events; provide information on newly arrived companies; borough development plans; the emerging needs of nonprofit organizations and much more. After that, it’s time to “klatch” one-on-one, which is often the start to making a new friend from the community. After eight years, even on ZOOM during the pandemic, this gathering has become a community tradition!

The unique value of Soul Sisters and Kennett Community Coffee Klatch is the informal nature that embodies the experience of freedom. There is no ‘membership’, no fees, no infrastructure, and the freedom to come in and out. There is a fluid nature to the process, which keeps it alive and current.

In order to meet, it is important to mention that it might not have happened without the welcoming and accommodating gathering space of the Market at Liberty Place, 148 W. State St., Kennett Square. One can show up, gather a few tables, have a cup of coffee, and buy breakfast at Mary Pat’s Provisions between 9 and 11:30 a.m.

The image of a wheel captures what happens on Thursday mornings at the market. The goodwill hub establishes itself in the center with the Soul Sisters, followed by the Coffee Klatch. To continue the wheel metaphor; as we leave, there is a group of people from the community beaming like the spokes of a wheel out to the larger Kennett community.

Everyone has had an encounter that they can now share with others and the community building that ensued continues. Many attendees will tell us about following someone they met at these gatherings and attend other community events together during the week.

The sign entering Kennett states that the town of Kennett is “a great place to live, shop and dine”. Soul Sisters and Kennett Community Intergenerational Coffee Klatch are two reasons this is a great place for community building.

Come join the fun and informal gatherings.

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Sara H. Byrd