Large gatherings prohibited in the middle of a row above a temple in a cemetery in Tripura

The protesters demanded the immediate cleaning of the cemetery by the state government.


Prohibition orders were imposed on parts of Tripura’s capital, Agartala, on Tuesday after a row erupted when a group of people from the Muslim community alleged that a Shiv temple had been erected on a graveyard in Palpara, near Nandannagar Thanda Kalibari area.

Hundreds of people, including a large number of women from the Muslim community, blocked the bypass road linking GB Hospital and Khayerpur to protest the alleged takeover of their cemetery where a Shiv temple was said to have been erected overnight by the Hindu Yuva Bahani.

The protesters demanded the immediate cleaning of the cemetery by the state government.

Protesters said the cemetery had been on the site for a long time and alleged that a certain section was trying to disrupt communal harmony between Muslims and Hindus who had resided peacefully in the area for decades.

In 2019, the Muslim community wrote to the SDM and Minister of Minority Welfare Ratanlal Nath to take immediate steps towards demarcation of the burial site so that they can raise a boundary and avoid any disputes in the future, but there has been no progress in this regard. .

Subdivisional Magistrate Ashim Saha imposed restraining orders to maintain law and order in Nandanagar, near Thanda Kalibari, where tensions were high. No gathering of five or more people is permitted within 200m of the Area.

This is the third such incident in the vicinity of Agartala in the past four and a half years.

The first incident took place at the southern border of Joynagar, where part of the existing Kabarstan was reportedly captured and a Shiv temple was erected.

The second incident took place in southern Ramnagar, where members of minorities were reportedly not allowed to bury bodies in a cemetery.

Sara H. Byrd