Latest update from Inspector Chris Pearson on police activities in the borough of Gedling in November

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Inspector Chris Pearson heads up the Gedling Ward Police Team which helps eliminate crime in the Borough.

Here’s his latest update on his team’s progress in November …

Police priorities

First, an update on the work we do for our three police departments
priorities of burglary, drug supply and anti-social behavior. Priorities are due to
be updated at our partnership prioritization meeting at the end of December. I am
really looking forward to hearing your take on the issues we should be focusing on as we move forward
until 2022. A short survey is available from Nottinghamshire Police
website at

Anti-social behavior

“Operation Interlude” continued to be our focus in downtown Arnold. The
the neighborhood police team and Op Reacher officers regularly conduct
evening patrols following reports of youths throwing objects from the roof
of buildings. As always, we have worked with Gedling CCTV and the
neighborhood wardens. As a result of the work in progress, we have identified a small
number of young people involved and we are now working with the ASB officer of the Council to issue “acceptable behavior contracts” for those involved. We are also working with broader partners such as the Youth Justice Service to explore possibilities for diversion. As Christmas approaches, more officers will be present at Arnold, performing both high-visibility and plainclothes patrols as we continue to crack down on anti-social behavior and violence. In the past month, reported anti-social behavior in downtown Arnold has declined by 25%, which is encouraging. There is clearly more to do and this will remain our priority going forward.

We have received a small number of reports of young people kicking the doors of houses in
Daybrook and Calverton. I just want to be very clear that this is unacceptable
behavior and my colleagues are reviewing CCTV footage which I hope will lead us to
advance in this investigation. Obviously we will be looking to take positive action against those involved and I know damage has been done in at least one instance.

In Carlton, the neighborhood team focused on some ASBs reported around the Carlton Forum Leisure Center. As a result of inquiries we have identified a small number of people involved and they are now invited to a meeting with PC Beat Manager Catherine Flint and ASB board manager where they will also receive an Acceptable Behavior Contract (ABC). .

This is clearly the starting point for trying to prevent ASB, but we’ll look at alternatives if the issues persist.

Police in downtown Arnold in crackdown on anti-social behavior

Drug supply

We are continuing to work on our drug supply priority.

Earlier this week, neighborhood police officers on patrol in Arnold arrested a man who was found in possession of bags containing white power and cannabis. They also found a large amount of money and arrested the man for drug supply offenses. He has since been released while further investigations are conducted into the offenses. A great team stop and a clear message that we are patrolling and will arrest / search for individuals suspected of being involved in crimes.

Meanwhile, officers made 14 individual drug seizures as part of their daily patrols over the past month.

The Op Reacher team also made two other arrests where drivers were stranded at a
roadside drug wipe test indicating they are driving under the influence of
controlled drugs.

Residential burglary

Burglary remains a priority in Gedling, especially as Christmas time approaches.

We continued to deploy agents in sensitive areas of the district of Gedling who
includes our rural areas such as Ravenshead and Gedling Village after three houses
were broken into by intruders last week. Two infractions were reported
Regina Crescent, Ravenshead where delinquents forced entry into residence
properties by damaging doors and windows. More on Wood Lane in Gedling’s Delinquents
also forced open a window on a rural property before stealing jewelry and money.

Recorded residential burglaries so far remain 17% lower than last year.
year and 46% less than in 2019, which is encouraging but as always there is more to
be finished.

Knife crime

In November, we supported the National Week of Action on Knife Crime known as
‘Operation Scepter’. The week of action involved officers of all strength and
our board partners who have been involved in some of our activities. During the week of action, we did the following:

  • 6 x open space searches for concealed weapons without finding any
  • 7 x Stop / Search after the Arnold and Netherfield patrols
  • 2 x arrests made for those arrested who did not appear in court
  • 2 x vehicles seized
  • Contribution to knife crime given by the PCSO Mark Careless to approximately 250 young people in 5 local schools.
  • 2 x premises visited as part of a test purchase operation to verify compliance around the sale of knives
  • 9 x visits to a number of persons suspected of having been involved in knife crimes.

Overall, it has been a busy week for us in Gedling and as you know we are determined to continue the crackdown on knife possession throughout the Force Zone.

Recently the law has changed when it comes to owning certain guns in private and the Action Week was a good opportunity to send out a clear reminder on the changes. If you are unsure or need advice, please contact the Neighborhood Police team who will be happy to advise you.


We are aware of a slight increase in autocrime in the village of Gedling with a number of
vehicles targeted earlier this week. CCTV footage shows offenders attempting a number of
car doors in the area. Unfortunately, some vehicles were not secure and property was
stolen, including laptops, purses and wallets. We have increased patrols in the region
and officers went to talk to members of the local community to encourage the removal of personal effects from vehicles. Mail was also dropped off in some of the affected streets.

We observed a similar trend in the Borough of Gedling, with a few infractions also reported in Redhill.

The key message is to ensure that vehicles are locked and that valuables are removed at all times. Vehicle keys must be kept a safe distance from doors and windows where they could be reached by offenders.

We have also had a small number of vans stolen across Gedling and the wider Nottinghamshire force area. I was happy to learn that three suspects had been arrested
passing through the village of Papplewick on the evening of November 30th.
police investigation, a stolen van was found and we also seized a number of engines and vehicle parts suspected of being stolen. This is an ongoing investigation, but a good result for those I know were affected after their work vans were stolen.

Store theft

Finally, shoplifting is very much on our agenda as Christmas approaches.

Sgt O’Connor and Team Carlton are planning an operation at Netherfield and Victoria Retail Park as we are facing a high number of recorded violations. In some cases, store staff have been threatened when they apprehend violators, which is of course unacceptable.

We will be launching a ‘Shop Watch’ program in Netherfield and then Arnold shortly which will give us the opportunity to share images of potential offenders with local stores to avoid infractions, so I can’t wait to see that come together at over the next few weeks.

That’s it for this month and I look forward to meeting some of you as I will be on patrol as Christmas approaches.

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