Mark Tuan Candidly Discusses Group GOT7’s Activities And How It Feels To Return To Korea

GOT7by Mark Tuan recently posed for Harper’s Bazaar magazine!

In this photo shoot, the GOT7 member showed off her brilliant charms with her “boyfriend looks” in a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

During the interview, Mark Tuan talked about the activities of the GOT7 group. The group left JYP Entertainment in 2021, and the members are currently focusing on their individual activities. However, the members repeatedly reassured fans that GOT7 would continue.

Mark Tuan shared, “The members came together with great difficulty. I think we really do this with our fans in mind. We are preparing [for activities] with the group’s style taking precedence over our own respective styles. I can’t wait to play in front of our fans.

Mark recently returned to Korea after leaving for his hometown of Los Angeles when GOT7 left his agency.

On this, he commented, “In the past, when I entered Incheon Airport after finishing GOT7’s overseas tours, I felt like I was coming home. It’s always like that. After ending self-quarantine, I walked out around 1am and felt like I had lived here the whole time. In terms of time, I have lived in Korea almost as long as I have lived in the United States. I started my career in Korea and was able to make a name for myself thanks to my Korean fans. Korea is like my home.

You can see Mark Tuan’s full interview and photo shoot in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar!

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