More activities for children under 5 in Bridport

Other activities are offered at the Bridport Youth and Community Center (BYCC) for children under 5 years old.

The Gundry Lane Community Center has expanded the list of activities it offers for children under 5 during their Stay and Play sessions which take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 9.30am to 11.30am.

Even more fun is to be had with messy games, pasta trays with trucks and shovels, and a special safety zone for babies, there is also a wide variety of mini cars and bikes, which can be cycled by energetic young people.

Volunteers Louise Perry and Mary Haggett run the event with “a lot of family help.”

Ms Haggett said: “This term we focused more on the baby zone and had more messy play for children, messy play will help children develop their skills and opportunity to play together.

“The baby space means people with babies under six months can come with confidence and let their children start socializing and being in a room with other children in a safe environment.”

Michelle Muggeridge, who attends the group with her two-year-old son, Oscar, said: “It’s a fabulous little group and especially good for new mums.

“I came when he was a baby and met a lot of other new mums so I made friends and now we socialize. At first my son was very clingy like a lot of other Covid babies but coming here has helped him gain confidence and he plays happily with the other children.

The Bridport Youth and Community Center Board of Directors would like to express their gratitude to all the volunteers who make this important resource for new mothers and their children available at such a reasonable rate.

Margie Barbour, Secretary of Trustees, said: “It’s such a joy to come and see all the children, together or alone, playing creatively, and the parents having the opportunity to exchange news and share their parenting worries and parenting tips.”

Admission is £1 per person and is free for children under six months, with free coffee, tea and biscuits for parents and guardians, and free fruit snacks available for children every day. days.

For more information contact the center on 07711 293079 or email [email protected]

Sara H. Byrd