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JACKSONVILLE, Fla .– A neighborhood in the south is rallying against a townhouse development project that relies on wetlands near Pottsburg Creek.

Belfort Landing would bring up to 60 townhouses along Belfort Road at the corner of Hogan Road.

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The 15 acre lot is currently zoned for 21 single family homes.

“You really have to put them in their place – where they’re zoned,” said neighbor John Zona. “There is nothing here that has apartments or even duplexes.

Zona, who is also an architect, said the development also poses a flood risk along Pottsburg Creek.

“You leave the woods to worry in a minute in New York,” he said.

During its 15 years of living in the neighborhood, Hogan Road has been closed and the bridge has been closed twice for flooding. Neighbors fear the new development will leave the storm runoff nowhere to go.

“I do this for a living. And I immediately advise my client not to take care of the neighborhood, change the zoning and cram so much development on this beautiful property, ”he told Robert Grant of Action News Jax.

The St. Johns River Water Management District said staff had reviewed the project and said it had shown no impact on the wetlands.

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Zona maintains that they have only approved one concept at this point.

The land is currently home to several live oak trees and wildlife. Something Mike Adams, a neighbor, said is more appropriate for a nature reserve.

“It’s like a little treasure,” he said. “It has been zoned for houses, which is good. There is nothing we can do about it.

Action News Jax has contacted the claimant, Paul Harden, for comment. We will update this article when we have a response.


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