Nepalese Authorities Concerned About Rising Illegal Activities by Chinese Nationals | India is blooming

Kathmandu: Chinese nationals in Nepal are often found to commit financial fraud such as running online Ponzi schemes and defrauding foreign nationals with lures of easy loans, raising serious concerns for Nepalese authorities.

The increasing involvement of Chinese nationals in illegal activities has become a serious problem in Nepal.

In the latest incident on April 22, 22 Chinese nationals were arrested in a raid on a house in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, by a joint team from the Immigration Department and Nepalese police, ANI reports.

Local Nepali news outlet Annapurna Express reported that authorities were notified of suspicious activity at the house, and later the suspects were arrested with 35 laptops, 675 mobile phones and 760 SIM cards issued by Nepal Telecom and NCell.

However, all 22 suspects were released the next day on condition that they help authorities with the investigation as the police had no serious grounds to bring charges against them.

According to reports, the immigration department confiscated their passports to prevent them from leaving the country.

The suspects, who were released into the custody of one Manjil Shrestha, are currently staying at a hotel in Thamel, ANI reported.

Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, Director General of the Immigration Department, was quoted as saying by ANI that the investigation is continuing with the help of the police.

“The suspects had entered Nepal on business visas. We also found that one of them overstayed his visa,” Bhattarai said.

“We are still trying to find out the nature of their activities here in Nepal,” the official added.

After the Chinese nationals’ laptops and mobile phones were confiscated, they were sent to the Central Police Forensic Science Laboratory, ANI reports.

It is not the first time, in a similar case, Nepalese authorities arrested 122 Chinese nationals, also with similar equipment, in December 2019 for their alleged involvement in criminal activities.

They were eventually extradited to China, and the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China chartered two planes to bring them back.

A senior official from China’s Criminal Investigation Department visited Kathmandu around this time to negotiate the extradition with Nepalese authorities, according to media reports.

Sara H. Byrd