Nielsen to Release Brand Sustainability Report for Effective Communications

Nielsen is set to release its independent Brand Sustainability Report, with support from Dentsu, AANA and Edge Environment, to give brands and advertisers “the information they need to ensure that their approach to sustainability communication is effective and actively increases consumer consideration and purchase intent”. ”.

The report, Nielsen said, will provide an “industry-recognized benchmark” for evaluating different brands’ sustainability communication efforts.

The rating system will gauge consumer sentiment towards brand communications, which will then enable marketers and advertisers to “effectively communicate their sustainability intentions with their customer base expectations.”

Nielsen set to release brand sustainability report


According to recent data from Nielsen, more than half of Australian consumers are making conscious efforts to support more sustainable brands, but most don’t know “how, if or why their favorite brands are working towards more sustainable products and practices”. , which Nielsen said its sustainability communications were “unrecognized at checkout.”

Andrew Palmer, Head of Media Analytics at Nielsen Australia, said: “Sustainability has become an integral part of a brand’s business strategy. At Nielsen, we want to help the industry better understand how consumers perceive their sustainability communication and how best to reach and engage with them. We want to help agencies consider these numbers and implement the right media activation strategy to close the sustainability pledge gap. »

Nielsen Pacific Managing Director Monique Perry said, “We really care about providing long-term brand sustainability communications metrics that support the media industry. Our research shows that 60% of Australians believe retailers are responsible for their environmental practices and we want to help brands leverage the power of media to share their sustainability progress.”

Angela Tangas, outgoing CEO of Dentsu Australia, added: “Consumer sentiment and expectations of brands have changed. People increasingly want to know more about where their products come from and are made, and are choosing brands that can provide that level of transparency. At dentsu, we’re committed to helping 1 billion people around the world make better, more sustainable choices over the next decade. As an agency partner, that means using our influence to help our clients become better corporate citizens and help them find meaningful ways to grow their business.

Dentsu supported the research and report

“We look forward to working alongside a diverse group of organizations on a study to measure the gap between a brand’s sustainability efforts and consumer awareness, and uncover insights that will facilitate change. with Australian advertisers.”

AANA CEO Julie Flynn said, “AANA is delighted to partner with Nielsen on the first-ever Australian brand sustainability report. The research will inform what is one of AANA’s top priorities. AANA is proud to have recently joined the World Federation of Advertisers’ Planet Pledge, which outlines practical ways for CMOs to promote sustainability within their own organization, and we look forward to working with our members and the industry. on this research.

Edge Environment’s Senior Consultant for Sustainability Leadership and Communication said, “We know that sustainable practices and effective communication of brand progress increase consumer purchase intent, but to make a large-scale change, we need more brands to understand the value of these messages and how to credibly deliver them and authentically communicate their sustainability commitments and goals.

Sara H. Byrd