Osaka University confirms effectiveness of Daikin technology against COVID-19 variants

Daikin Industries, Ltd., parent company of Daikin Middle East and Africa, in collaboration with Osaka University’s Microbial Disease Research Institute, tested and confirmed the effectiveness of Flash Streamer technology against the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) variants.

Technology inactivates COVID-19 variants over 99.9% against Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omicron variants, and 99.8% against Delta variant after four hours of exposure to Streamer discharge compared to without Streamer.

Daikin’s unique Flash Streamer air purification technology was developed in 2004 and since then Daikin has conducted tests on its effectiveness with numerous public research institutes around the world. As a result of these tests, Flash Streamer technology has been confirmed to inactivate more than 60 types of harmful substances, such as bacteria, allergens and viruses, including influenza virus, RSV and murine noroviruses.

As of July 2020, the inactivation effect against the SARS-CoV-2 strain isolated in the early stages of the pandemic had also been confirmed. This means Flash Streamer technology can be used to improve indoor air quality when the air is contaminated with these respiratory viruses.

As a specialist in indoor air quality management, Daikin sees its mission as creating comfortable and sustainable indoor environments. Daikin not only develops new technologies, but also constantly checks the effectiveness of its technologies and their importance in solving societal challenges such as the current pandemic.

Takashi Namikawa, Senior Engineer at Daikin’s Technology and Innovation Center for this project, said, “I am delighted that Daikin’s unique Flash Streamer air purification technology has proven effective in inactivating coronavirus variants ( SARS-CoV-2), including the Omicron variant. . It shows that Flash Streamer technology has the potential to be applied to solve societal problems by further improving indoor air quality in schools or offices. This is a very important study for Daikin and for society.

Sara H. Byrd