P Sihanouk, Oz infrastructure program talks about smart city development

On April 28, a provincial deputy governor from Preah Sihanouk met with a policy adviser from Australia’s flagship infrastructure program in Cambodia for talks on plans to transform the province into a model Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by 2030, and other smart city development projects. initiatives.

Kong Vitanak, who also heads the Preah Sihanouk smart city task force, told Investing In Infrastructure (3i) infrastructure policy adviser Rahzeb Chowdhury that the government has designated the province as a multipurpose SEZ model to integrate smart city solutions into provincial projects. planning for the purpose of stimulating economic development primarily in the fields of industry, commerce, tourism and agriculture.

The task force is collecting input to prepare an action plan to implement the land use master plan for Preah Sihanouk with a vision to 2030, Vitanak said, adding that the province will be reorganized into one. “sustainable national development center”, including “the world’s most beautiful beaches”, the model multi-purpose SEZ, and Sihanoukville – developed as a state-of-the-art city.

The province will also become an international gateway, a national logistics hub and a “growth center”, and connect the Kingdom to ASEAN and international markets, he said, adding that the development is in line. Cambodia Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025.

During the meeting, Chowdhury made a presentation on the 3i, which is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and noted that the program has actively assisted the Cambodian government over the past six years to address gaps in infrastructure development. .

He said that the work between 3i and the provincial administration to create a smart city strategy – comprising two projects concerning the preparation and implementation of the concept – aims to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and speed of the city. development of digital technology-infused plans for the provision of public services and urban infrastructure, with the aim of promoting the development of sustainable and inclusive smart cities province-wide.

Sara H. Byrd