Rallies held in New York for Transgender Awareness Day

NEW YORK — There were information rallies in New York on Thursday for Transgender Awareness Day.

One was held at the Church of the Covenant on 42nd Street in Midtown East.

The goal was to amplify and elevate transgender voices with panel discussions to talk about challenges and celebrate diversity and pride.

“Today is about being able to walk proudly like everyone else in our community does in June. Today is our day as a defined group of people to say how proud we are and that we’re visible and able to live our real, authentic lives,” said Inwood resident Bryan Ellicott.

“Be loud. Be loud. Be visible,” said activist/writer Kim Watson-Benjamin.

Campaigners said more funding was needed at all levels of government for advocacy groups, to create additional safe spaces and make more resources available.

New York buildings light up for Transgender Awareness Day


On Thursday evening, buildings across New York City were lit up in honor of the day. City Hall and One World Trade shone brightly in light blue, pink and white, the colors of the transgender flag.

Sara H. Byrd