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The Ogoni were told to avoid divisive tendencies, but rather to unite and move forward.
The former president of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Mr. Ledum Mitee, who launched the appeal at a congress of the peace committee, convened to chart a way forward for the MOSOP, to Bori, announced the disbandment of all existing factions of the group immediately.
According to Mr. Mitee, MOSOP should be united in its struggles and move forward with one accord.
“I also hear you say that the MOSOP and Ogoni people should be united, if we are united, we can face our enemies, if we are united, we can face the problems of violence, and the MOSOP can defend the movement. against these. who want to exploit us.
And this MOSOP will bring our collective support. Now is the time to move forward. “
The former president of MOSOP, who is also a lawyer, noted with annoyance that some members of the body had not been faithful in their financial contributions to the advancement of the pressure group, which he called a prerequisite for To stand for elections.
“During our consultations with the MOSOP base, chapter heads and Kingdom coordinators, they told us that even some who claim to be at the head of MOSOP and its organs do not even have their name in the MOSOP listed in their respective chapters.
Mr. Mitee, who called on communities to return to their clans and consolidate their commitment to the Ogoni struggle, told them that an electoral committee would be set up for midwife, a new leadership for the group.
Likewise, two other stakeholders, Professor Ben Naanen and Dr Owens Wiwa, while expressing their sadness at the balkanization of the MOSOP, underlined the need to have a common front of all Ogonis.
According to them, the disintegration which hit the socio-cultural organization has watered down its plea for the economic liberation of Ogoniland.
“Over the years, all of our efforts have been overtaken by personal ambition and so we are all committed to the belief that MOSOP will never die. This MOSOP will resuscitate.
“We can only have our place in Rivers State if we are united, we can only have our value in Ogoni if ​​we are united, if we remain divided, we are not going to get it.”
“And we will continue to fight for our rights, peacefully and non-violently and we will win.”
Professor Naanen and Dr Wiwa reminded participants that if they continued to be divided among themselves, strangers would take advantage of their treasures.
Adding their voices for women, Gbene Joi Nunieh encouraged the Ogoni to make amends for their heroes’ sacrifices by being courageous in the principles they stood for, such as love for one another, integrity and truth.
She stressed the need for inclusion, especially for women.
In the same vein, Dr Patience Osaroejiji, while telling the participants to be united and to sacrifice themselves for the peace of Ogoni, denounced the environmental degradation of the Ogoni Land; adding that progress can only be made in a peaceful environment.
The event brought together elders, youth and women from the four local government areas that make up the Ogoni land.

Sara H. Byrd