Sasol Continues to Conduct Social Investment Activities in Evander – Ridge Times

Once again it’s Sasol to the rescue and doing what the local municipality is supposed to do.

Evander’s community took to social media platforms and WhatsApp groups to praise Sasol and its workers for all their efforts to fix potholes in certain areas.

In a response to Crete TimesNomia Machebe, head of media and communications for Sasol, said Sasol continues to carry out social investment activities in the communities it operates.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, Sasol is currently involved in two important projects in the Govan Mbeki Municipality area, the first being grass cutting and the second road maintenance (repairing -hen) in various cities in the GMM area to improve community members. ‘safety as well as to beautify people’s living environment,’ Machebe said.

She said these projects are part of Sasol’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees, the communities where they operate and the environment.

“Sasol’s main objective is to continue to create impactful partnerships, to deploy sustainable initiatives and projects in partnership with local municipalities, to add value to the wider socio-economic development of communities and to have an impact positive on people’s lives,” Machebe said.

Sara H. Byrd