SBA broadcasts Xposure activities to its audience worldwide

Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA) is participating in the activities of the sixth edition of the International Photography Festival “Xxposure 2022”.
The festival is organized by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), during the period from February 9 to 15, SBA participates through a special pavilion which includes television and radio studios, it transmits to the public, in audio and video, live and full media coverage of the activities of the festival and its guests from different countries around the world.

The participation of the SBA is part of its constant effort of media interaction and transmission of the various festivals and events organized by the emirate of Sharjah, to inform the public who follow its stations and channels of cultural and artistic events. the most important in the emirate. .

Through his coverage of the festival, he presented the message adopted by Xposure 2022, which aims to raise awareness of the protection of the oceans and the marine environment against pollution, following the discussions and dialogues of experts during the environmental summit accompanying the festival. , and organize meetings with artists participating in photo exhibitions.

Sharjah Channel will broadcast the opening of the festival, live at 10:30 a.m. on February 9, and continues to cover festival activities from the Authority Pavilion through the daily social program “Sharjah Morning”, which airs from February 10 AM except Friday. In addition to daily coverage of the “Amassi” program, through which Sharjah TV continues to broadcast the festival in the evenings.

Through the two programs, the channel continues to cover the activities of the festival, the seminars and workshops that accompany it, and to share with the public renewed dialogues with senior photographers, influencers, explorers and scientists participating in the Summit. of the environment. Camera tours from both programs through the halls of the festival will also highlight individual and group exhibitions, and present insights into the photographers’ projects and their interests and experiences in developing the art of photography.

Sharjah Radio is gearing up to cover Xposure 2022 in its new edition through the “Photo Story” program, which will air daily during the evening period from 5-6 p.m. The radio will provide listeners with special reports on the day-to-day activities of the festival and its discussion sessions, while highlighting Sharjah’s position as a hub of major international arts and cultural events. The program broadcasts a series of meetings, during which it hosts, during the days of the festival, a group of officials, guests and the most important international photographers participating in the festival.

The English-language radio “Plus 95” participates in the coverage of the festival with a live broadcast through its daily program “Plus 95 Live Broadcast from Xposure”, which is broadcast daily to follow the rhythm of the festival from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Two guest photographers will participate in the presentation of the program, in which the public will have an appointment with photographers Mike Browne and David Newton, and their fellow Xposure photographers.

Through the program, the radio reviews the festival’s agenda of events, seminars and workshops, and highlights in dialogues with international photographers and participating guests the issue of protecting the oceans and seas from pollution. , the protection of animals against overfishing and the repercussions of the increasing destruction of the forest environment. In addition to the resulting rise in the dangers of extinction of many rare animal species, it is the focus of some of the exhibitions of the photographers participating in this edition of the festival.

About this participation, His Excellency Rashid Abdullah Al Obed, Director of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA), said: “The International Festival of Photography (Xposure) is one of the global events and events organized by the emirate and through which he presents his project. based on investment in culture, art and creativity. For this reason, the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority is keen to follow its activities and expand the presence of its message locally, Arab and internationally through live, live coverage and follow-ups from the venue of the event, celebrating distinguished guests of the emirate. of photographers and creators.

Her Excellency added, “Presenting the Emirate’s message in the various ways it appears through its annual calendar of events is one of the main objectives of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority. We believe that the media is an active partner and an essential contributor to the success of the development projects pursued by the emirate and its essential role in driving positive change efforts at the level of institutions and individuals, especially since this year, the festival adopts the issue of protecting the oceans and seas against pollution. support its message to the public, to achieve fruitful and tangible results on the ground in terms of environmental protection.

Sara H. Byrd