Staten Island’s Best Dressed: Beautiful Photos From Family Vacation Reunions

Bree Driscoll and her husband Keith Marsh, with their eldest son, Callen Marsh, 3, and their youngest son, Carrick Marsh, 1. (Courtesy Kacey Semler)

STATEN ISLAND, NY – The New Year has arrived and the people of Staten Island are starting to put away their holiday decorations. No more garlands and holly crockery, but the memories of holiday reunions remain. Although smaller and more cautious in recent years due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, parties, mostly intimate, were still being held. And of course, photos were taken.

Featured this week are the festive snapshots submitted by readers. Joy on faces, both young and old, will surely bring a smile to yours. Scroll down to see some great photos submitted by readers, and send yours to [email protected]

(Courtesy of Jennifer Urs)

Beautiful Ashley Urs, left, and her sister Kali Urs pose with the cookies they left with Santa. (Courtesy of Jennifer Urs)

(Courtesy of Kate Mallon)

Cousins ​​pose for a Christmas photo: Left to right, Jack Mallon, Michael Burke, Quinn Mallon, George Mallon and Alyssa Burke. (Courtesy of Kate Mallon)

(Courtesy of Catherine Cumming)

Catherine and Jeff Cumming with their daughter, Mia Cumming. (Courtesy of Catherine Cumming)

(Courtesy of Audra Howley)

Audra Howley submitted this vacation photo with her daughter, Amelia. (Courtesy of Audra Howley)

(Courtesy of Leo Balaj)

The Balaj Family: Julia, Leo (holding William) and Eleanor Balaj take a photo near the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. (Courtesy of Leo Balaj)

Courtesy of Anthony Rapacciuolo

Anthony Rapacciuolo and his son Anthony Jr share a smile with Santa himself. (Courtesy of Anthony Rap)

(Courtesy of Maureen O'Brien)

College Notre Dame alumni met for their annual Christmas tea. The group awards Sister Helen Flynn scholarships to students attending the Staten Island campus at the University of St. John’s. Pictured: Row 1: Donna Merlino, Rev. Tri Duong, CM, Anne Marie Keating, Maureen O’Brien (President, NDC Alumnae). Row 2: Connie Lane, Joan Dobis, Mary Lou Powderly Galgano. Row 3: Mary Lou Hasson, Mary Armstrong (president of the scholarship), Geraldine Giglio. (Courtesy of Maureen O’Brien)

Better dressed

Fran Valenzo poses with her two grandchildren, AJ and Mia, during the holidays. (Courtesy of Fran Valenzo)

(Courtesy of Tracy Sullivan)

Top to bottom and left to right: Jaysen & Aaron Sullivan, Tracy Sullivan, Jasmine O’Neal, Christian Davis, Vanessa Sullivan, Frank Sullivan, Adriana Sullivan, Jada Sullivan, Ronnell Richard Cheatham Jr., the dog Nico, Jaysen Sullivan and Sherli Allen. (Courtesy of Tracy Sullivan)

(Courtesy of Tracy Sullivan)

Jay Sullivan, Tracy Sullivan, Jaysen Sullivan, Jada Sullivan and Aaron Yates pose for a vacation photo. (Courtesy of Tracy Sullivan)

(Courtesy of Tracy Sullivan)

Jada Sullivan, Vanessa Sullivan, Tracy Sullivan Naomi Sullivan and Adriana Sullivan pose for a vacation photo. (Courtesy of Tracy Sullivan)

(Courtesy of Ann Terjesen)

Ann Terjesen submitted this photo of herself with all of her grandchildren, from California to New York! From left to right: Steven Terjesen, Michael Terjesen, Kelly Terjesen, Grandmother Ann Terjesen, Amanda Zuntag, Jack Terjesen and Will Zuntag. (Courtesy of Ann Terjesen)

Courtesy of Teresa Cirelli

A fun family Christmas selfie! From left to right, Teresa Cirelli, John Cirelli, Madison Cirelli, Jamie Polanco, Ken Then, Phylicia Polanco, Avery Polanco, Jesus Polanco (celebrating his birthday!), Kathleen Polanco and Robert Tufaro. (Courtesy of Teresa Cirelli)

(Courtesy of Jessica Ann Saroyan)

Jessica Ann Saroyan sent in this funny photo of her sons Joseph Saryian, 8, and Kyle Saryian, 5. (Courtesy of Jessica Ann Saroyan)

Courtesy of Tracy McTiernan)

Brian Thomas McTiernan and his sister, Caitlin McTiernan, pose for a vacation photo. (Courtesy of Tracy McTiernan)

Courtesy of Peggy Maida

Austin Maida and his sister, Julia Maida. (Courtesy of Peggy Maida)

Courtesy of Christine Berrocal

Tyler, Mia and Travis Berrocal pose for a vacation photo. (Courtesy of Christine Berrocal)

Sara H. Byrd