Students invited to do humanitarian activities

Lieutenant General Hun Manet, future Prime Minister candidate of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), urged students to participate in humanitarian activities, in addition to studies.

Lt. Gen. Hun Manet, Commander of the Royal Cambodian Army and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, urged school principals to set fixed times for extracurricular activities such as sweeping school grounds and helping others.

“They should help clean school grounds, help each other and that’s a humanitarian activity,” Lt. Gen. Manet said.

He also urged students to avoid causing trouble for their parents and exercise self-discipline.

He added that school principals can assess students’ performance in humanitarian activities and their scores can be added to exam results.

Her reaction came on Sunday after a music video linked to a group of female students, who had fun using markers to draw on each other’s school uniform and the principal trying to stop their unruly behavior at inside the school campus, sparked widespread reactions among the public.

He said that female students at Sereipheap Takhmao High School used markers on each other’s blouses which led the school management to say they were unruly.

Lt. Gen. Hun Manet said after the music video went viral, some parents expressed concern about their children’s involvement in gangs and drug addiction.

“Education is not only focused on learning books, but also on discipline, morality and virtue,” he said.

In July, the Ministry of Education asked schools to strictly enforce discipline rules to prevent students from misbehaving.

The most common behavioral problems encountered by students at the school include defiance, fighting, bullying, skipping class, and experimenting with cigarettes, e-cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol.

Sara H. Byrd