Sustainability and Land Use Update – February 2022 | Allen Matkins


Allen Matkins – January 25

Last week, we reported that on January 7, 2022, the California Fourth District Court of Appeals in Bankers Hill 150 vs. San Diego City (Case No. D077963) upheld local agencies’ limited discretion to deny — or require a recast — eligible projects under California’s Density Bonus Law (DBL). As part of an update on this case, following a referral to the court, the court on Wednesday ordered the official publication of the opinion.


Ball Desert Sun – January 29

The defeat of a California Assembly bill that could have allowed municipal golf courses in the state to be turned into affordable housing should be a wake-up call for golf in the state, said an official of the Southern California Golf Association. AB 672, a bill drafted by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, would have opened municipal golf courses to affordable housing and provided $50 million in state development grants. California golf officials expect more attempts to redevelop golf courses into developable land.

Ball The San Diego Union-Tribune – January 27

Last Wednesday, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors reviewed plans to encourage new home development while reducing vehicle travel. The council received a report from county planners that proposed ways to reduce “vehicle miles travelled,” or VMT, for unincorporated communities. In the first phase, staff recommended that council allow housing projects in unincorporated ‘villages’ without requiring developers to analyze VMT or mitigate these impacts. In the second phase, the county could develop a regional program to reduce VMT and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by expanding options for telecommuting, walking, carpooling, shuttles and buses. The council has asked planners to return on February 9 with more details on those options.

Ball The Real Deal – January 27

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, whose district includes some of the most expensive areas of an already expensive city, this week introduced legislation to ban most homes over 4,000 square feet in coveted neighborhoods, largely single-family homes, such as Noe Valley, Dolores Heights and Glen Park. Mandelman is expected to present council with a separate ordinance next week that would rezone all single-family lots in San Francisco to allow two homes. This proposal, already approved by the Planning Department, combined with a new state zoning law, could allow up to four smaller, more affordable homes on spaces that now only have one.

Ball Associated Press – January 27

Even when not operating, US gas stoves emit 2.6 million tonnes of methane – in units of carbon dioxide equivalent – into the air every year, a team of California researchers have found in a published study. last Thursday in Environmental science and technology. This is equivalent to the annual amount of greenhouse gases of 500,000 cars or what the United States emits into the air every three and a half hours. Many communities are banning gas stoves in new construction that will come into effect in the coming years.

Ball NPR – January 26

A conservation group returns guardianship of hundreds of acres of redwood forests to a coalition of native tribes who were displaced from the land generations ago by European American settlers. Save the Redwoods League purchased the 523-acre area (known as Andersonia West) on California’s Mendocino County Lost Coast in 2020. The group announced on Tuesday that it had donated and transferred ownership of ownership to the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, a consortium of 10 Northern California tribal nations focused on environmental and cultural preservation.

Sara H. Byrd