The Witch Queen and Augmented Activity Season Has a Big Incentive Problem

With The Witch Queen campaign in the rearview mirror and the final of the Elbrus operation taking place last week is a good time to take stock of the landscape of Destiny 2. In addition to the battlefields of this Legend Psiops week and next reissue Grandmaster Nightfalls in April Destiny 2 going to be pretty quiet for the next two months – at least until the start of the Guardian Games in May. Now that I’ve hit the peak of the season, I’m struggling to find worthwhile activities. The Witch Queen brought us so many new things to do, but not enough reasons to do them.


I don’t take for granted the overwhelming number of activities Destiny 2 has to offer right now. There’s Weaponcrafting, Strikes, Nightfalls, Gambit, Crucible, Trials, Psiops, Sources, Campaign Missions, Shrines of Reflections, Preservation, Vox Obscura, grip of avarice, the challenges of eternity, lost areas of the master, the desire of the disciple and probably one or two things I forget. All these activities are repeatable and offer weekly challenges for powerful and advanced engrams, and during the first few weeks, they have me all much occupied.

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The legendary campaign I accelerated beyond the soft cap in the first days of the season – that I enjoyed – and I could reach the ceiling powerful at the end of the second week. It took me three weeks to reach the peak of 1560 and now that I’m here, I look at all these activities and I wonder why I should repeat them.

If you do not need advanced equipment, many are unnecessary activities. Vox Obscura has nothing to offer once you’ve done the regular version and the version after Master to unlock Dead Messenger and catalyst, respectively. The preservation was a beautiful post-Raid story mission, but it has not changed at all since the second week and there is no reason to do it again. Hope this will change throughout the year, but for now, it is a dead business. Altar of Reflection offered juicy knowledge through messages “Two Truths, two lies,” but we stopped receiving new at the end of the third week – another dead activity. I wrote at length about Psiops elsewhere, but I think it’s also a dead activity once you have collected all six shots for seasonal weapons.

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Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and Dares are all in the same pseudo-evergreen category. Even if you do not need pinnacles, you can still earn unique items and vendor reputation with each, which can help you win the crafts materials or rare resources, and triumphs and titles . These playlist activities will always be for farming xp via bounties and passively seeking good weapon rolls, as well as catalyzing your missing and long term achievements. If you have nothing else to do, you can always make a strike.

The only real end-game activities Trials Lost Sectors Master, Master Wellsprings, Story Missions Nightfalls, Master Grasp of Greed and raids. All these activities offer rewards both valuable and unique. If you want Artifice Armor increases your load mod, for example, you must grind Master Grasp of Greed. If you want the lost weapons in time and upward bursts, Grandmaster Nightfalls is the activity for you. Testing Adept weapons, raids have weapons raid and conquest booty, lost sectors have specific drops exotic, and story missions and main sources upward alloy.

These seven activities may appear to be a sufficient number of things to do in the finals, but the problem is that all but two of Story Missions and Master Wellsprings, were available before the extension The Witch Queen. In addition, these activities offer the same reward, ascending alloy. All other activities introduced in The Witch Queen, as Vox, Altars and Preservation, die as soon as you reach the top.

This has always been a problem in Destiny 2, although it should be noted that in previous seasons have better distributed sources of specific rewards. Harbinger Presage both dropped pinnacles, but they have also given random jets on specific exotic weapons, respectively Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale. The seller Beyond Lights Variks were repeatable quests that allow you to target specific weapons, like the enchantment desk Shadowkeep. Altars of Sorrow was also a public event to grind a specific set of weapons. There is no equivalent to these activities in The Witch Queen, and it gives the impression that the expansion is worn once you no longer need pinnacles.

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It seemed that the craft would be the answer to this before it is reduced. From what we know from the TWAB last week, there was originally a unique craft currency for each specific feature that a weapon could travel. This would have to target specific traits in different activities. The preservation seems pretty useless now, but if there was a known location for higher cuts of weapons with respect Rampage, for example, there would have been a good incentive to grind. If every business had its own features pool, everything would have been much more present and playable. Unfortunately, the craft turned out a little different, and it seems that this has caused a ripple effect throughout the game.

I just want a reason to do all the fun activities that The Witch Queen was introduced after reaching the maximum power level. Wellspring had the right idea by offering a different weapon to target every day, but once you got the plan of this weapon, you are finished with Wellspring. There are only four different firearms, so it does not take long to permanently scratch Wellspring your list.

Master Wellspring other hand, may file an upward alloy, a high statistical armor and plans exotic swords. There are many good reasons to do this activity, but it requires six players did not matchmaking, meaning you’d better have a lot of friends or patience to manage LFG groups. The main campaign missions also offer a high statistical armor and a bottom alloy and require two friends instead of five, but these missions are too long to accomplish. You better make Nightfalls unless you have really need the alloy crafts.

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Master Sectors Lost was one of the best ideas that Bungie has ever had. They’re difficult, they must be done solo, and they reward specific Exotic gear. This is the only event of its kind, and I would see the same philosophy applied to other activities such as Preservation and Vox. Even if it was just Legendary gear, it would be great if I could tune in and see that Vox (and only Vox) are dropping high stat helmets today. That alone would be enough incentive to go there for a while and see what I get.

We lose a lot of content at the start of each expansion and recreate it throughout the year, so it’s normal to feel like there’s less to do right now. I know Bungie can’t come up with a steady stream of exciting new things to do every week, and there’s an ebb and flow in the release of Destiny content. I was satisfied with Season of the Risen far, but I’m always disappointed when things calm down in the second half of the season. If there were better incentives for activities that already exist, I think Destiny can do a much better job of holding players’ attention, even when there’s nothing new and exciting happening. past. I do not ask more things to do the things we already have.

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