UN consideration of “US military-biological activities in Ukraine” could mean Russia’s readiness for biochemical and chemical operations on Ukrainian territory – Podoliak

The Russian-initiated review in the UN Security Council of so-called US military biological activities in Ukraine could mean that Russia is preparing to carry out biological and chemical operations on the territory of the United States. ‘Ukraine, said adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine said Mykhailo Podoliak.

According to him, “Russia is currently seeking every opportunity to find and record on international platforms an explanation for its bloody and large-scale invasion of Ukraine”.

“So today, at the initiative of Russia, an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council was held with an extremely cynical and false agenda: ‘On new facts of biological activity U.S. military in Ukraine’… Is that nonsense? Yes, “It’s true. But Russia has not used logic for a long time. Therefore, the United States and the vast majority of member states of the UN Security Council rejected the Russians’ false accusations. Unfortunately, even the UN today does not rule out that the Russian briefing on biological laboratories could be one of the probable steps in the preparation of a group of Kremlin “hawks” for possible biological and chemical operations. on Ukrainian territory,” Podoliak told the Telegram channel.

Sara H. Byrd