“Valrevel is in full development and will continue to invest in production”

The MGD Group brings together five companies that share a strong regional identity. “The objective is really to have companies as close as possible to production, then to have a very diversified presence on the market, in shipments and in mass distribution”, explains Arnaud Morinet, CEO of the MGD group. The five companies are therefore located in strategic areas, both in terms of production and marketing.

First-time carpenter: this wholesale market company ships products from the Nantes region and is present on the MIN market in Nantes.

Montfort and Sons is a company based in Saint-Pol-de-Léon which ships Prince de Bretagne products.

Primeur Distribution Service is a wholesale company present on the Rungis market. It specializes in the marketing of all types of products to supermarkets and purchasing groups.

Agruban is a banana ripening company also present on the Rungis MIN market. This is the last company taken over by MGD Group, on October 1, 2021.

Valrevel specializes in shipping local Provençal products such as salads, apricots, zucchini and melons. The company was taken over by the group 5 years ago. It is currently in full development, with facilities under construction near Châteaurenard and a resumption of production on 1 September. “The company will continue to invest in production alongside producers, explains Arnaud Morinet.

Valrevel devotes 20% of its sales to export to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and England. “With the war in Ukraine, companies whose markets are historically oriented towards Eastern countries could find it difficult to find outlets. As a result, there could be an excess of products at some point in European markets. »

Two weeks ago, Valrevel was present at the biennial SCADIF show organized by Leclerc. “As a reference partner, we are invited to present our products to store representatives, from the department manager to the director. The feedback we have received has been very positive about the quality of our products and the level of service we provide at Leclerc.

The salad season ended in early April and the melon season is just beginning. “We have started marketing the first greenhouse-grown melons. Cold spells and heavy rain have impacted the production of field melons, like most products from the Provençal region. Rainy weather delayed production. Our melons will be marketed under the brands Le Cœur Sélection and Cœur de Provence, which are well known and recognized in the sector.

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