Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks shares video showing team bonding activities

There’s something different about these Minnesota Vikings.

It’s not an insinuation that they’re going to have a magical Super Bowl run or even be in playoff contention in 2022, although neither is out of reach. Look what the Cincinnati Bengals were able to accomplish last season.

It goes deeper than wins and losses for this Vikings team. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and just an overall group unity that hasn’t seemed present in a while.

Linebacker Eric Kendricks recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel highlighting many team-building adventures that have taken place this spring.

There was laser tag, Topgolf, team barbecues, team softball and other activities. First-year head coach Kevin O’Connell emphasizes bringing the group together through joint activities.

A closer team off the pitch translates to a closer team.

“It becomes a lot easier to hold that guy next to you accountable or, more importantly, to hold yourself accountable to the guys around you,” O’Connell said at the end of minicamp“when you feel responsible to those guys not just to do your job, but to do it in a way that makes the guy next to you better.

“That’s what we talk about a lot. It’s not just about doing your job. It does it well enough where maybe it makes someone else’s job easier and maybe it frees someone up to go play.

The overall connection with the players on this Vikings team has been special to watch. Whether or not this translates into victories on the football pitch remains to be seen.

Sara H. Byrd